Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Concepts for new project

Concept sketches for our (Me & Ana) project... The project is basically a book about a traveling magic candy seller (story still workin on it!).
Here are the vehicle designs, 2 currently, will upload more Hehehe~ Finally decided that the vehicle had abit of a 'gentlemen' + 'steam punk' look! Ahhh, gotta do more sketches! Other than the vehicle, I also came up an idea on how the candy was made, apparently this wasn't complicated enough so will be working more on it now onwards! Its actually divided to the 'Flavour department' & the 'magic department', both are then combined and formed into one candy! LOLx.... My brain went abit "Gah gah" after that~
This is the second page, supposed to connect the the first part of the page~ Lolx, the making of a simple magic candy needs alot of equipment (that's why its 3 pages long haha)...
Phew finally update something! Thanks Cheow! Ahahahaha~ (^3^)b

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