Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick violet sketch

Did a quick one today, apparently not quick enough! Gotta brush up my speed...
There's not much detail just a rough color idea, perhaps will continue the picture one day (when i felt so Lolx~...)
I'm using the blog to force myself to practice more (Hahaha~) So gotta upload more! Initial idea is 'Alice' from wonderland... But as i change the color to violet n purples... well i think it went on to something else... Hahaha, but i'm glad i made an upload today! Hehehe... :)


  1. Yes! Finally lol

    Hmm, how long did you take to finish this work?

    I need to know so that I can speed up also xD

    (If it were me, I would probably take up to a week!)

    Yes.. I'm very slow when it comes to rendering lol

  2. LOLx, Hmmm, I spent less than half a day to paint I think, (start in the evening end at night) can't really remember, i got stuck fixing the lines though LOLx No worries la, practice makes perfect! :D

  3. Holy! less than half a day! =S

    I'm now practicing on drawing character figure lol at least get the proportion right before venturing into concept art ;_;

    I think i will set up my web soon.. cos i need to make sure i've been doing my stuff too lol